Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ball Weight and a Bad Back

Question: I am a 56 yr old, with a bad back. I have a 6 lb. ball, but it is too light. I have an 8 lb. ball, but it is too heavy. I would like to buy a 7 lb. ball, I tried the Internet, but have not been able to find one. Do you know where I could get one? Or do you know if a someone at a pro shop could add weight to the 6 lb. ball?

Answer: While many balls are not made in 7 pounds, often a ball box marked 6 pounds or a ball box marked 8 pounds contain balls that are less or more. The weight discrepancy may have you throwing a significantly lighter 6 and heavier than normal 8.

Is there a bowling store (ideally an IBPSIA Pro Shop) where you bowl? If yes, ask the attendant to weigh both balls to make sure splitting the difference is what you need.

Lighter weight more basic polyester balls, typically, are NOT cheaper on the web. Where will you get it drilled? And at what price? The charge to drill it will make a web ball more expensive than just buying one at a bowling store? Just because some stuff seems inexpensive, doesn't mean, it all is, BE CAREFUL.

A store is invested in you doing well. While the websites could care less if you ever even roll the ball. They sell price advantages.

Do the balls you have feel about the same in terms of fit? An ill fitting ball feels heavy and hard to control.

Please tell me you don't get balls drilled from Internet Websites. It would be like someone guessing your prescription for a pair of glasses, but never seeing you!!!

You may want to try to make the 8 easier to hold onto. A grip adjustment should allow the ball to swing easier with less effort. I don't know the specifics of your back injury so you should seek advice from someone that can see you bowl. I'd be glad to consult with them, if it would help.

Making the 6lber heavier: Adding usable weight isn't possible. Nothing heavy enough would be legal.

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