Saturday, January 12, 2008

Which Ball is Better?

A ball must suit your game, allowing you to match up to the lane condition. If you don't average 170 or better (having some of the consistency and skill to deliver the hook potential of a performance or high performance ball) and need some of what follows, you may be looking for a MAGIC ball quick fix. Think about practice on a challenging lane condition like PBA Experience or Sport Conditions, some coaching, or ask some questions on the Forum at, or ask questions of your International Bowling Pro Shops and Instructors Association Pro Shop Operator (because making you a better bowler benefits you BOTH).

A bowling ball is a tool. What other tools (balls)do you own? What do you need the ball to do? Will this be your only ball (don't buy it, high performance balls are too strong to work well on spares, typically)? Do you throw hard? slow? hook it? throw straighter? roll on oily lanes or drier?

If you are speed dominant, consider a stronger core that can be drilled to roll earlier with a surface that can be made rougher.

Slower speed will allow you to use a smoother surface, possibly shined.

A higher rev rate will cause a center heavy (low RG - Radius of Gyration) ball to be potentially very strong off the end of the oil, creating more of a flip path to the pins (and you better want flip).

A weaker rev rate will be benefited by the stronger dynamics of an asymmetrical core with a capable ball driller able to provide more help from the core.

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