Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Ball From MOTIV

“The MOTIV™ SR2 is engineered to destroy pins” proclaims Motiv. The “Sigma” core produces a low RG (RG of 2.47 in 15#) for easy revs and a high differential (.047 diff) for serious track flare.

The “Reverb™” outer core of the SR2 is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins.

Combine this with “MOTIVat-R” reactive urethane on the cover and Motiv suggests “you have a deadly weapon of destruction in the palm your hand.” The SR2 is sanded to 2000 at the factory and then brought to a luster with Power Gel® Polish.
Expect the Motiv SR2 November 1st.

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