Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visionary Bowling Introduces The New Breed Pearl Particle

Visionary Bowling Products announces the New Breed Particle Pearl will begin shipping on October 23rd. This ball utilizes the "Serpentine" core design in combination with new "Leviathan" coverstock. The coverstock contains a non abrasive particle that creates traction in the oil yet still allows the ball to get down the lane without the dreaded burnout.

Factory finished to 2,000 Abralon, the
New Breed Particle Pearl covers the same lane conditions as other particle pearls, however, Visionary suggests it can easily be adjusted to create a wide variety of reactions. With surfaces up to 1,000 Abralon, the ball reacts much like a solid particle, and polished it reacts more like a pearl reactive. LOW RG: 2.56” DIFFERENTIAL: .052”


Jr Mattox said...

Just curious what ball this would compare to if there is one?

Warren Friedl said...

The last few new breed balls had this core. But, core and cover numbers are similar to several balls. Are you Just looking for Visionary balls that are similar?