Thursday, May 19, 2011

News From Ebonite

Ebonite introduces a new ball and reports “With a hook potential of 47.75 out of a potential high rating of 50 on Ebonite’s performance scale, the all-new Signals ball offers strong backend motion with a clean breakpoint angle.”

Signals offers the sharpest move down lane of any Ebonite product you have seen lately,” said Ed Gallagher, Ebonite brand manager. “And, the beautiful Red/Gold Pearl veneer (High Traction Reactive-1 Reactive Resin finished: 800 Abranet, 1000 Abralon, 2000 Abralon – Polished with Power House Factory Finish) just begs for attention from your bag to the pins.”

Signals uses the “Vitals Mass Bias” core from the Vital Sign and Vital Energy with a brand new coverstock designed for medium oil, the “HTR-1 Reactive Resin”, to produce the kind of hook seen on high performance balls from other brands. RG: 2.53, RG Diff: .048, Mass Bias Rating: .018. World Wide Release Date is 7/12/11

Ebonite reveals the follow-up to the successful Game Breaker. Ebonite reports; “We worked long and hard with our Research and Development team to create a great new core, off of the “V2” core design that was used in the Game Breaker. We are introducing the all new “V5” core design that does meet the revised Radius of Gyration (RG) specs as outlined by the USBC.

The new product is the Game Changer! The Game Changer has Game Breaker type motion.” With a “Traxion Reactive 0.39” coverstock in Navy/Red/Gold the cover is prepared with 500 Abralon, 1000, Abralon, 2000 Abralon, 3000 Abralon Sanded. RG: 2.51, Diff: .046, World Wide Release Date is 7/12/11

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