Thursday, April 5, 2012

Storm Adds 4 Balls in May

Storm announces four new additions to their product line. The Manic™ and Fringe™ will be the newest additions to the Hot™ line and follow the popular Frantic™, one of the hottest balls on the market today! 

Storm will also be releasing a new Tropical Heat and Tropical Breeze. Whether you are looking for an all-around ball for a beginner or a lighter oil ball for a higher caliber bowler, these balls are sure to fit the bill.

All four balls will be available on May 8, 2012.

The intent of the new Storm Manic and Storm Fringe is to design two more options to enhance and broaden the Hot™ Line, one with an earlier break point than the Frantic and another with a later break point.

For the new Manic, they were looking to enhance the midlane reaction. CATS testing showed an earlier breakpoint of more than two feet so Storm achieved their goal. The 4000-grit finish combined with the solid R2S™ mixture created this enhanced midlane, perfect for those with higher ball speed.

On the converse, the new Fringe is all about the backend. The straight pearl blend combined with the factory polished 1500 finish depletes energy at a slower rate, allowing for more entry angle and a wider pocket! 

Looking at the power plant, you’ll find the reputable N.O.S. ™ core which embodies true dynamic integrity. This higher volume core is a proven winner around the globe, with bowlers loving the predictable motion across a variety of lane conditions. 

So, Storm explains “we gave you the option of choosing your best fit. If your speed dominates your rev rate, you’ll love the Manic. But if you’re the type of player who can’t seem to get too much backend, look for the Fringe to be your ball.”

Storm is cranking up the “HEAT” again with the introduction of the new Tropical Heat™- Black/Purple.

This line of bowling balls raises the standard in performance at a value price. The power behind the Tropical Heat™ is the highly-successful Turbine™ core. This mid-RG and mid-differential core boasts a tighter spin radius for quick revving mid-lane and enhanced entry angle to the pocket.

With a 4000-grit finish, the Black/Purple’s Reactor™ hybrid coverstock is a complement to the Tropical™ Line.
The new Storm Tropical Breeze Black/Cherry’s hybrid veneer blend is highly polished just like the others in this series. It can be sanded to create a stronger reaction. 

The Camber™ Core’s inverted light bulb shape powers this new color option, too. It provides ample predictability and control, a must for bowlers with slower speeds or those bowling on dry lane conditions.

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