Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 New Storm Ball Announcements

All 5 balls will be released on May 13, 2014. The urethane Thunder Line Pitch Black is pitch black and the cover is 1000 grit and Control Solid Urethane. Utilizing the Capacitor core, the high RG and medium differential core should provide only about two inches of track flare.  

The new additions round out the Hot line by adding the solid reactive cover Wipe Out and pearl cover Punch Out. The Wipe Out will feature the Turbine Core used in the Tropical Heats and the current Lights Out.

The green and navy Wipe Out R2S solid coverstock is finished to 3000 grit giving you a stronger cover than the Lights Out. If you need smooth and longer still, here comes the Punch Out in white and charcoal pearl R2S reactive cover featuring the same Turbine core.

In addition to the Thunder and Hot Line additions, look for two new Tropical Breezes in the Tropical Line. The new Teal/Blue and Orange/Teal Tropical Breezes. Containing Camber cores and pearl Reactor coverstocks, the new Breeze balls add colorful options and interesting fragrances to the Tropical Line. Sniff for Orange/Chocolate and Melon Mint on the new Breeze additions.

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