Wednesday, November 26, 2008

900 Global to Sponsor NABI

900 Global and the National Amateur Bowlers Inc. (NABI) have reached an agreement whereby 900 Global, effective immediately, becomes NABI’s
national sponsor.

Along with 900 Global, the 3G and AMF brands are included in the sponsorship.
“We are every excited about our sponsorship of the NABI,” said Phil Cardinale, who heads up sales and marketing for 900 Global. “It presents us with the opportunity to reach our end user, the league and tournament bowler.

“NABI members are very passionate about the game, and this is a great showcase for us,” Cardinale added. “If the members show half the passion
for our brands that they do for NABI, this will be a winning situation for all.”
Jack Cook, Vice President of Marketing for NABI, was equally excited about the agreement.

National Amateur Bowlers Inc. is very proud to announce that the 900 Global, 3G (a line of performance bowing shoes), and the AMF brands (including balls, bags and accessories) will be the national sponsor for all of our tournament clubs and our national event,” Cook said.

The next NABI national tournament will be
held in Las Vegas next July 17-24. 900 Global is a Texas-based manufacturer of performance bowling balls.

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