Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PBA Players Invitational Blog

Bowling fans will be able to follow next month’s PBA Regional Players Invitational as it happens via live blogging by 29-time PBA regional champion Jeff Richgels.

In “real life,” Richgels is a reporter for The Capital Times, the former afternoon daily in Madison, Wis., which now is an Internet-focused publication. Beginning this bowling season, he also has been writing a bowling blog called the 11th Frame that has been generating a hefty number of “clicks” from readers.

The PBA has agreed to post a link to Richgels’ blog on, so bowling fans can access live coverage of the RPI/Tour Trials.

“I’m going to write this for bowling fans, even if that means some of it may go over the heads of our regular readers,” Richgels said. “That means I’ll be reporting where the players are playing the lanes, what types of players are scoring best — the sort of information I’d want to know if I were tuning into a live blog of a PBA event. I’ll also be talking to players during the week and including information from the interviews.”

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