Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Malott Calls Out ESPN's Wilbon

It's official, Wes Malott (Big Nasty) has taken the lead in the Player of the Year race and in the process created a little bowling noise on ESPN's" Pardon the Interruption".

Not sure how many of you out there have seen or follow that show, but basically it's a daily run down of the up's and downs in the sports world. Well, a couple weeks ago the bowling talk started when Mike Wilbon called out Big Nasty for not participating in the plastic ball event in Denver. He went on to say that the #1 ranked player on the PBA tour was scared to put down his technologically advanced bowling balls and compete on the same level as all the other bowlers.

Obviously Wilbon was unaware of the real reason Wes didn't bowl. Storm and Roto Grip Tour rep Chris Schlemer shared "Truth being the timing of the event between the Masters and the Marathon event, so many games and the thought of jeopardizing his timing while gearing up for the final few weeks and his potential first ever Player of the Year award " was the reason Wes passed on the Denver event (Geico Plastic Ball Championships).

In fact, Wes loved the idea, but there is too much on the line this late in the season. Fast forward to the Big Nasty claiming his 3rd title of the season and setting himself atop the pile in the Player of the Year race.

Big Wes called out Wilbon on the show as many of you may have seen. Saying he isn't scared to drill a plastic ball and bowl Wilbon using a high performance ball.

Wilbon blasted back that he has a plastic ball and shoes and that he deserves 57 pins a game handicap. So the challenge has been issued and now the PBA and ESPN will be responsible for making it happen. Guess we shall see if it unravels.

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