Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Balls for 2009 from 900 Global

900Global introduces it’s new bowling balls for 2009 on July 6th. Look for the new

Bounty Hunter a Black/Oyster Pearl “S79” reactive coverstock finished at 4000 Abralon which wraps a “High RG Double Cross” asymmetrical core. 15# RG - 2.53 and RG Differential - .042. The Bounty introduction last year featured a “perfect Game “ purse of $25,000. New Bounty Hunter owners can share in a $50,000 purse for this new ball.

A new Break Point Pearl of Copper and Ocean Pearl “S73” reactive coverstock will feature a polished cover around the asymmetric “Break” Core with an added Flip block on the bottom. The ball’s Radius of Gyration in 15# is 2.53 with a RG Diff. of .055.

When you have a Maniac you need a Lunatic. The new offering from 900Global, the Lunatic features a Black/Yellow “S53” polished coverstock, wrapped around the “Crazy Cone” symmetric core yielding RG of 2.55 in 15# with a Diff of .045.

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