Monday, June 1, 2009

New From Brunswick For 2009

New from Brunswick: The Siege introduces “Recoil™” coverstock in Black/Silver, developed to improve the mid-lane and backend traction of the ball and is finished at 1000 grit. The Siege contains the “M.A.C.E.” core (Mechanical Asymmetric Core Engineering) and has three major benefits, Ultra Low RG (2.474) core system to engage the “Recoil” coverstock, High RG differential (.056) to aid in traction through heavy oil and High RG asymmetric differential (.030) to quicken the response time to friction.

The new Wild Thing ultra low RG “Paragon two-component Symmetrical” Core was designed with two intentions. First, lower the RG (#15- 2.486) to create a faster revving core that will provide improved mid-lane traction. And second, raise the RG differential (0.044) to increase the track flare potential which will generate more overall hook with standard layouts and the use of interchangeable thumb sleeves. The Wild Thing utilizes a Red/Silver Pearl “ConneXion” coverstock, Factory Finish at 4,000 grit, Brunswick’s prediction “unbelievable traction response from foul line to head pin”.

In the Advanced Performance price point, Python is described as “predictable power” for a more direct line of attack on the lane. A fast revving core, an updated version of the original Inferno® and pearlized “EnMotion Reactive” coverstock in Blue Pearl/Yellow Pearl provides the best of PowerKoil ™, Activator® and N’Control™. The Python is finished with Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish to maximize the skid- snap reaction out of the box. Core Dynamics @ 15# RG - 2.495 RG Diff.: 0.042.

The new color Avalanche is Black/Electric Green, and uses “Powrkoil 1
8 Reactive pearl” coverstock and the “Teal Rhino Pro light bulb” core. Designed for more length than the Avalanche Solid, the Avalanche Black/Electric Green is designed for lighter amounts of oil and a more “down the boards” line to the pocket. RG-min.-2.542, RG-diff. 0.024.

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