Friday, August 7, 2009

New From Lane 1

The Dynamo X2 has an all new “Hybrid ISOTM” midnight blue solid coverstock with the finish at 4000 Ruff Buff Polish encased around the high-output “Hurricane” core. From Lane 1 “Watch the Dynamo X2 give you that Xtra length while building up it's energy for an extra monstrous backend.” 15lb RG: 2.467, RG diff: .049.

Also, the new GemStone Buzzsaw features a “Hybrid ISOTM Pearl Reactive” coverstock (finish: 2000 Grit Polished) in sparkling Ruby/Sapphire with the core a “Side Cut Patented Diamond w/ Pancake Flip Top.” The new GemStone Buzzsaw brings you high performance at an affordable mid price. 15lb RG 2.610, 15lb RG diff: .042.

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Free Bowling Games said...

I just saw a guy throwing this ball last week and it looks sweet. The lanes were exceptionally oil heavy, but this guy was managing some huge snap from this thing. I'd like to try one out and see what i could do with this badboy.