Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bowler's Journal's Top Balls of 2009

The Virtual Energy™ from Storm® Products, Inc. was named the 2009 Ball of the Year by Bowlers Journal International magazine. This is the third consecutive year that Storm or Roto Grip® has received the Ball of the Year honors. In 2008 the Roto Grip Cell™ took home the top prize and in 2007 the Storm T-Road Solid™ was the winner.

In the January 2010 staff writer Joe Cerar announced the results of a national survey sent to over 200 pro shops. They were asked to rate the 2009 releases from all bowling ball manufactures.

Ball Of The Year
1. Storm Virtual Energy™
2. (Tie) Roto Grip Rogue Cell™
2. (Tie) Storm Reign™
4. Storm Second Dimension™
5. Roto Grip Mutant Cell™
6. Columbia 300 Freeze™
7. Roto Grip Nomad Solid™
8. Storm Furious™
9. Roto Grip Nomad Pearl™
10. Hammer Black Widow Sting™
11. Storm Natural™
12. Columbia 300 Full Swing™
13. Hammer Hot Sauce™
14. Columbia Bedlam™
15. Hammer Onyx Vibe™
16. Hammer Raw Burn™
17. Hammer Jigsaw™
18. Brunswick Rattler™
19. Brunswick C System™
20. Track 505-A™

Best Solid Reactive
1. Roto Grip Mutant Cell
2. Roto Grip Nomad Solid
3. Storm Furious
4. Hammer Black Widow Sting
5. Columbia 300 Full Swing

Best Pearl Reactive
1. Storm Reign™
2. Storm Second Dimension
3. Columbia 300 Freeze
4. Roto Grip Nomad Pearl
5. Storm Fast™

Best Hybrid Reactive
1. Storm Virtual Energy
2. Roto Grip Rogue Cell
3. 900 Global Bounty Hunter

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Andy said...

Haha, so much for the Freeze being an entry level ball. one of the best balls i've owned :P