Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brunswick Rolls Out Mastermind™ Genius and Vintage LT 48™

The black/green/gold Mastermind Genius offers more length, improved versatility and stronger backend reaction on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The Mastermind Genius combines the new Honor Roll Hybrid reactive coverstock and the Mastermind Ultra Low RG core to produce a more angular ball motion for more entry angle, increased pin action, and higher scores.

The Vintage LT-48™  is an old-school solid black ball that combines the new 3C solid reactive coverstock and a new Medium RG symmetric core to produce enhanced control, consistency, and carry on a variety of lane conditions. The Vintage LT-48 provides added length and improved versatility making it an excellent choice for slower ball speed and higher rev rate bowling styles.

“I am very excited about the Vintage LT–48! This ball provides outstanding length allowing me to relax and roll the ball to the breakpoint without any concern for early hook.”
–Johnny Petraglia

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