Saturday, December 28, 2013

DV8 To Introduce Three New Balls

RUCKUS™ Feud The red/black/yellow Ruckus Feud features the new Class 12 solid reactive coverstock formulation matched with the medium RG, asymmetric Ruckus core.  This combination provides more traction in oil with outstanding backend to produce the most total hook of any DV8 ball to date on heavy oil lane conditions. 

Misfit™ Red/Orange The neon red/orange Misfit uses the high RG Misfit core and our new Class 1C solid reactive coverstock to provide more length and a more controlled backend reaction than previous Misfits.

The silver/pink DV8 DIVA™ Pearl  features Class 5F coverstock matched with the medium RG, symmetric Diva core to provide easy length, strong flip motion, and plenty of attitude for the pins.  The Diva Pearl offers outstanding shelf appeal and is best suited for medium oil lane conditions.

Available: Worldwide January 23rd, 2014.

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