Friday, December 13, 2013

MOTIV Adds Sigma Sting

The Sigma Sting™ is a pearl tuned to be an benchmark ball.  Engineered for medium oil, it provides great length and outstanding backend motion that continues confidently through the pin deck.  This is the first time MOTIV has put a pearl cover stock around the Sigma™ core. 

The low RG Sigma™ core utilized has been a favorite of MOTIVated bowlers because it provides a versatile ball motion with a very high strike percentage.  The 15# model has a differential of .047, which produces plenty of track flare without expending too much energy, leaving fuel in the tank for a strong backend. 

The Sigma Sting™ cover technology is Fusion™ Pearl Reactive, first used on the Primal Rage™.  This shell is known for being very angular when it encounters friction, yet retains energy for bulldozing continuation.  It is tuned with a 1500 grit Power Gel® polished finish to give this low RG ball more length and faster response. Look for the new MOTIV in December.

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