Friday, December 13, 2013

Two New Balls From Columbia 300 in January

Columbia is releasing 2 new balls on January 7th. The Crazy Antics and the Take Down.

“Awesome Reaction 300 Flip is the perfect cover for length and a nice big move on the backend” reports Columbia.  Further “The Crazy Antics provides a crazy amount of length and backend motion for a polished high performance ball.”
The Crazy Antics made it's PBA debut this past Sunday for Chris Barnes and Columbia 300. You could not miss the wildly colorful White, Orange and Purple ball.

The Hi-Dynamix core as featured in the Antics is one of the most dynamic cores they’ve ever produced according to the latest.  With a medium RG, High Differential and High Mass bias, the Antics core helps the ball produce awesome mid lane and backend motion. 

“The Columbia 300 Take Down features Bring-It Pearl and will give you great length and recovery without sacrificing overall hook” proclaims the latest release from Columbia. Further they explain “While we left some surface on the pearl cover to give you added hook and performance, you can polish your Take Down to give you even better length when encountering less volume (of oil).”

The Take Down contains the Smack Down core, a medium RG and high differential. The medium RG helps the Take Down get further down the lane before the high differential kicks in for continuation at the pin deck.

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