Friday, December 13, 2013

Two New For Storm Bowling

The Blue Solid /Gold Pearl IQ Tour Fusion yields the same strong, aggressive move to the pocket without the sensitivity to higher volumes of oil then the previous IQ Tour or IQ Pearl (while containing the same C³™ Centripetal Control Core. The IQ Tour Fusion’s surface roughness of the new R2S™ hybrid mixture is approximately 12% higher than the pearl, meaning that it can handle more oil (1500-grit Polished), while the highly polished finish keeps it from hooking too early! Feel free to move inside and open up your angle…the IQ Tour Fusion will take care of the rest. Fragrance: Blueberry Muffin

The new Storm Zero Gravity incorporates ERG™ Solid Reactive 2-tone Purple/Red Coverstock finished with a 4000-grit Pad surrounding the Shape-Lock™ LD core. Fragrance: Grape

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