Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 900 Global Wisdom and Jewel

Targeting a specific demographic, 900 Global suggests “The Wisdom provides Senior bowlers with a ball that will fit slower ball speeds but yet still have power, and most importantly control down lane.”   

900 Global points out “By using a high RG with a medium differential (Symmetric) core, and a milder “S65” pearl cover, the Wisdom will not over react and give Seniors exactly what they desire, a performance ball that fits their game!” A 15 lb ball has RG of 2.540 and RG Differential of 0.041.
Likewise 900 Global has created “The Benchmark ball for women.” 

The Jewel will provide a ball motion to help slow ball speeds get down the lane and still generate a strong hook to the pocket with its higher differential Symmetric core and “S65” Ruby Red/Pink Pearl Polished pearl cover. 15 lb ball has RG - 2.531, RG Differential - 0.052. The new 900 Global balls will be available in July.

Check out the ball motion on a house condition, click here.

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