Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two New From AMF 300

 AMF OMG! Pearl is designed for maximum backend reaction. The super High RG core gets this “F73” (Black/Yellow pearl polished) coverstock down the lane so it can Rip on the backend.
15# RG 2.570, RG Diff 0.045.

AMF GRIP is a whole lot of performance and technology, for not a lot of cash. The “F64” Blue/Purple coverstock comes with a 2,000 grit Abralon box finish to provide plenty of traction on the lane. This shell is easily fine tunable and can be adjusted to 4,000 Abralon or polished to handle lighter volumes of oil. The asymmetric “Double Cross” core was specifically chosen for it's low RG and ability to provide a smooth predictable ball motion.

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