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Walter Ray Williams Jr. Leads First Round of PBA Senior Northern California Classic

Walter Ray Williams Jr. had no problem shaking off his loss to Ron Mohr in
the championship match of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA)
Senior U.S. Open last Friday, taking the first-round lead in 
the PBA Senior Northern California Classic Monday at Harvest Park Bowl.

With the help of a 300 in the first game of the round, Williams finished with a 
1,988 eight-game pinfall total adding games of 205, 259, 248, 225, 215, 259 and 
277 for a 248.5 average.

“The first two games were an example of how this goes,” said Williams, who lost 
to Mohr in the Senior U.S. Open title match 246-189. “Bowling on a fresh lane 
condition in the first game of the block the lanes were playing pretty tight and 
I got away with some strikes on a few light hits. In the 205 game I hit the 
pocket more consistently but didn’t have the pin carry.

“I can’t complain because I’ve been bowling great overall,” the PBA legend 
added.  “My mindset is always to move on to the next tournament and try to win 
that one.”

Williams leads Noel Vazquez of Sacramento, CA, who also rolled a 300 game, 
in second with 1,915, and Dick Baker of Henderson, NV, in third with 1,910.

Mohr, whose Senior U.S. Open title was his first major and fifth career Senior 
Tour title, finished the day in 16th with a 1,790 pinfall.

Williams, the holder of a record seven PBA Player of the Year crowns, was the 
2010 Senior Rookie of the Year and is trying for his third Senior Tour title to 
go along with his career record of 47 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour titles. His 
last Senior Tour win came in the Mark Roth Allentown Open in May.

Eight-game qualifying continues Tuesday after which the 100-player field will be 
cut to the top 32 who will advance to match play on Wednesday. Round of 8 and 
championship rounds will get underway Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT.

PBA.com’s Xtra Frame video service will provide second and final-day coverage of 
the Senior Northern California Classic. 

Harvest Park Bowl, Brentwood, Calif.

(Eight-game pinfall totals)

1, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., 1,988.
2, Noel Vazquez, Sacramento, Calif., 1,915.
3, Dick Baker , Henderson, Nev., 1,910.
4, Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 1,894.
5, Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 1,885.
6, Koichiro Tamaki, Japan, 1,859.
7, Gerald Calvin, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 1,848.
8, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, Mich., 1,846.
9, Hugh Miller, Seattle, 1,844.
10, Mark McCreary, Livermore, Calif., 1,835.
11, Chet Steengrafe, San Martin, Calif., 1,830.
12, Ty Dawson, Sunnyvale, Calif., 1,823.
13, Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 1,822.
14, Junichi Yajima, Japan, 1,803.
15, Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 1,793.
16, Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 1,790.
17, Mark Scime, Winter Garden, Fla., 1,781.
18, Jim Gordin, Modesto, Calif., 1,780.
19, Bob Brady, Santa Monica, Calif., 1,778.
20, Nick Morgan, Sacramento, Calif., 1,777.
21, Peter Knopp, Germany, 1,776.
22, John Shreve Sr., Elyria, Ohio, 1,774.
23 (tie), Al Bella, Pittsburg, Calif., and Matt Surina, Puyallup, Wash., 1,765.
25 (tie), Bill Stempke, Moorpark, Calif., Bill McCorkle, Westerville, Ohio,
and Bill Nichols, Roseville, Calif., 1,763.
28, Don Sylvia, Reno, Nev., 1,756.
29, Rodney Garrick, San Francisco, 1,755.
30, Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 1,751.
31 (tie), Warren Nelson, Fresno, Calif., and Ross Packard, San Jose, Calif., 1,749.
33, Ray Cobb, Highland, Calif., 1,747.
34, Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla., 1,740.
35 (tie), Don Lane, San Francisco, and Ricky Beck, Box Elder, S.D., 1,738.
37 (tie), Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore., and Steve Davis, Manteca, Calif., 1,737.
39, Thomas Ream, Tampa, Fla., 1,733.
40, Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 1,732.
41, Phil Gessner, Spring, Texas, 1,725.
42, Marc Clyburn, Pittsburg, Calif., 1,722.
43, Ron Garr, Ridgedale, Mo., 1,713.
44, Roger Painter, Woodbridge, Va., 1,710.
45 (tie), Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa., and Edward Silva, Manteca, Calif., 1,709.
47 (tie), Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., and Kent Wagner, Palmetto, Fla., 1,707.
49, Darryl Traber, Waterford, Wis., 1,703.
50, Kerry Painter, Henderson, Nev., 1,700.
51, Terry Leong, Las Vegas, 1,695.
52, Rohn Morton, Vancouver, Wash., 1,693.
53 (tie), Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Frank Gallo Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 1,692.
55, Kevin Foley, Reno, Nev., 1,691.
56, Barry Gurney, West Hills, Calif., 1,668.
57, Ron Winger, Las Vegas, 1,664.
58, Lee Patterson, Antioch, Calif., 1,663.
59, (tie), Ross Larsen, Riverside, Calif., and Chuck Best, Buda, Texas, 1,658.
61, Mark Glover, Woodbridge, Va., 1,656.
62, Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 1,652.
63, Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 1,651.
64, Wayne Webb, Columbus, Ohio, 1,650.
65, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 1,628.
66 (tie), Jorge Gutierrez, Las Cruces, N.M., and Tim Pierce, Portland, Ore., 1,623.
68, Christopher Keane, New City, N.Y., 1,613.
69, Sam Carter, BenLomond, Calif., 1,609.
70, Larry Galloway, Fresno, Calif., 1,603.
71, Dewaine West, Temecula, Calif., 1,594.
72, Pedro Flores, Salida, Calif., 1,592.
73, Don Robinson, Boise, Idaho, 1,590.
74 (tie), Russ Freeman, Antioch, Ill., and Jocko Mangin, Brentwood, Calif., 1,577.
76, Lauri Karppala Jr., Folsom, Ca, 1,575.
77 (tie), Dan Roberts, Brentwood, Calif., and Rodney Tramp, Porterville, Calif, 1,574.
79, Kenneth Daily, San Leanardo, Calif., 1,572.
80 (tie), Pete Milkovich, Hercules, Calif., and Shannon Starnes, Fort Worth, Texas, 1,562.
82, Dennis Jones, Fremont, Calif., 1,556.
83, Lorrie Sims, Oakley, Calif., 1,554.
84, Michael Cristofani, Grass Valley, Calif., 1,550.
85, Scott Hansel, Stockton, Calif., 1,546.
86, David Chew, Brentwood, Calif., 1,539.
87, Ray Randall, Dearborn, Mich., 1,520.
88, William Shank, Waipahu, Hawaii, 1,504.
89, Glenn Masukawa, Henderson, Nev., 1,503.
90, Michael Palmer, Antioch, Calif., 1,498.
91, Thomas Andres Sr., Highland, Calif., 1,484.
92 (tie), Keith Pridgeon, Antioch, Calif., and Stan Winters, Simi Valley, Calif., 1,479.
94, Fred Baldwin, Sturgis, Mich., 1,476.
95, Duane Wilson, Brentwood, Calif., 1,471.
96, Andy Anderson, Falls Church, Va., 1,470.
97, Van Fenner, Reno, Nev., 1,461.
98, Dan Clausse, Reno, Nev., 1,457.
99, Randy Robertson, Evansville, Ind., 1,440.
100, Fred Cole, Visalia, Calif., 1,437.

300 Games - W.R. Williams Jr., Noel Vazquez

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