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Can I Buy A Little Bit Of Hook?

Questioner: Lulu                                                Date Asked: 2017-01-23 

Subject: A little hook

QUESTION: currently using an 11lb conventional grip ball.    I want to buy a ball that will finish stronger. But I don't  want to go crazy here.  Will they laugh me out of the store or can I buy an 11 lb conventional grip ball to answer my needs.  I am in my 80's now and not wanting to re invent the wheel just carry a few more pins.

My ball is slow but I am always in the pocket. What ball should I ask for?
Thanks,  Lulu

What ball are you bowling with? Is it shiny or dull? How is the grip positioned to the center of gravity, top of the core, and mass bias? (A picture would help, gripping holes to camera).

The major issue you are dealing with is weight of the ball. The weight alone isn't helping enough going through the pins. If your ball can be more helpful knowing that your current ball is TOO BASIC, may help, or a stronger ball might be able to be replaced with a more basic ball (three piece polyester) with a stronger layout.

Im looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for the question.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am using a shiny Columbia 300.  I will try to enclose a picture. Hope they aren't too dark

Answer: Lulu,
Can't see how the ball is rolling by the pictures, but it is as vanilla and basic a layout as it can be at first glance.

I suspect that ball weight is letting you down, 35 pounds plus of pins is hard to knock down with an 11 pound ball. Are you rolling the ball down the middle of the lane? Or at an angle from the edge of the lane towards the head pin?

I'd suggest, whatever you bowl with, might benefit from a little more grip of the lane. Would you try to dull the surface of your ball up first. The rougher cover won't deflect quit so easily. If that works even a little better you might want to try a duller surface three piece reactive ball like the Storm Mix series. A little stronger layout might hook, so not sure what your ball is doing now. If your ball speed is better than average, 10-12 mph, you might get away with a label shift. 

Is the ball fitting OK. First thing I'd encourage you to see that the fit of the ball is solid in your hand, so you don't need to grip at all, and it will help with a little stronger reaction, and staying consistent, as you are now. Have the driller check your grip and don't let them skimp. They are not going to see you as a big customer with lots of new ball purchases, so try to get them to help evaluate and suggest what will help you. If you can get them to watch you bowl it will help them customize what you get, given your unique situation.

Thanks for the follow up. Send a video if you can. and let me know what you end up doing. Thanks and bowl well. Enjoy the sport.

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