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Finger Grips Raised In My Ball

Name: Frank                                                                            November 2008

Subject: Fingertip concern

Question: I just recently purchased a new ball (Brunswick Raging Inferno) and got fingertips for the first time after leaving a conventional grip. The problem is the inserts themselves are flush against the ball but then are raised near the top and are exposed slightly about a few millimeters. Should I be concerned about this or will they wear down, also the pro-shop driller did mention that it was because of my flexibility with my knuckles and I should not worry about the tip being exposed out of the ball?

Answer: Frank,
The grip sticking up is a minor problem. If the grip is sanded or shaved down then rubbed with Acetone (the chemical melts the grip and smooths the surface, they'll be flush with the ball. Careful Acetone is nasty stuff, and flammable).

Apparently your driller pitched the finger grip holes so the angle has a portion of the grip protruding above the ball. A bowler (You) normally doesn't roll anywhere near the gripping holes, but in the journey back from the pinsetter, the ball might roll near or over the gripping holes/inserts. That could cause a problem. Grips could lead to some cracking of the holes the grips are glued into. If the holes are sanded before the grip is inserted there is less likelihood to have an issue.

Thanks for the question. Good luck with the new grip.

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