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Can I Get Help with Hand Position and Release?

Name: Sam                                                                             Nov 25, 2008 
Subject: Hand position and release

Question: I have problem with my hand position and release. I use wrist support (pro release). How can I practice my hand always in the same position? I release the bowl like hand shake...but not enough spin. How can I improve my game? I had read about 1 o'clock, 10 o'clock positions but I couldn't understand it. Can you help me?

Answer: Sam,

Get a small football, not tiny but regulation is too big unless you have a large hand. Throw the football underhand, to a target. The unique shape of the football will be hard to throw in a tight spiral.

A similar hand action is needed to roll a bowling ball with good rotation. Practice with the football, with and without the Pro Release. Each session should include at least 10 perfect spirals, at least 50 attempts. Work up to 30 perfect spirals. When the non-perfect spirals are few and far between, you've changed your muscle memory, and added the skill needed to roll a bowling ball with better rotation. Impacting spin and rotation with hand action and elbow position is next on the agenda. Let me know when rotation is consistent, also watch ball speed, it should start getting more consistent too. 

On the lanes, isolate the delivery by doing one step drills at your favorite bowl. Stand a couple feet behind the foul line. Set up as if to go into your approach, but don't step. Swing the ball out and down, like in your approach, at the top of your swing push your slide foot toward the foul line, sliding forward, use the same hand rotation you have been practicing to deliver your bowling ball. Again, repeat the practice sessions as above.

Thanks for the questions. Good bowling.

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