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Finding the Positive Axis Point on a Bowling Ball

Name: Tony                                                                    Aug 9, 2009

Subject: Drilling

Question: How do you find your Positive Axis Point (PAP) on a brand new ball. Mine is 5 1/4 over, 3/8 up.  I'm right handed. I got a new Virtual Energy and I want to set it up myself, it has a 3-3.5 pin 2.78 top weight, 15lbs.2oz.

Answer: Tony,

Your PAP is your PAP (generally). You roll the ball the same (assuming you are somewhat consistent), so the axis should be the same on any ball, but the layout/weight-block influences the ultimate PAP in any particular ball.

I've found the VERY heavy asymmetrical weight-blocks in MoRich equipment (for example) influences my PAP (and I've seen it with customers equipment). Where my PAP USUALLY is 5 5/16 over and 5/16 up, my N'Sane and Sahara have PAP's almost an inch shorter (4 3/4 and 4 9/16 respectively).

What equipment do you roll now? What kind of layouts do you use? What layout do you plan to put into the Storm Virtual Energy? What do you want the ball to do versus what you roll now?

You are setting it up yourself? Why? Will you drill it or are you going to have someone else drill it? Does your driller NOT explain layouts? Please tell me your not a garage driller who doesn't know anything, and plans to learn to drill on the Internet??? Next hobby BRAIN SURGERY??

Just messing with you. Knowing more about the ball and layouts is a good thing.

In my experience, players that get very into layouts assume the ball is the magic wand in bowling (so then you can get a magic layout). But, you could have the best ball, best layout, best lane condition in the world for you (The ultimate MATCH UP) and if you don't roll the ball consistently, you won't score well. So, please fill me in a little on your experience level, how long you've been bowling, ball speed, rev rate and axis tilt, etc.? So I can get an idea of where you're coming from.

Thanks for the question. Let me know more or how the ball works out. Good luck.

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