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What Happened to My Ball?

Name: Jonathan                                                                  November 2008                                                                                                          

Subject: Bowling Surface Grit

Question: I have had my NVS for about 3 months, probably about 30-40 games or so.  At first it was working really well then the ball just seemed to die on me.  I throw relatively slow, about 10 mph.  I clean it after every use.  It seems that I cannot get any traction, it just slides off the side.  

What grit Abralon pad should I sand it with to make a difference.  I want the ball to be long and have a strong backend.  Also are there any balls that you could recommend that would compliment my game.  I've been looking at Ebonite Striking Motion and The One.  I'm fairly partial to the one.

Answer: Jonathan,
Are you sure you throw 10 miles an hour? that's approximately 4.1 seconds travel time from foul line to pins.

What do you clean the ball with? The surface is 2000 Abralon, shined with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. Cleaning the ball every time you use it probably is taking the polish off the ball. Use the recommended cleaner by the manufacturer or an experienced pro-shop associate. Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish will clean and re-polish your ball.

The newly re-introduced One is finished at 4000 with NO polish. I'm a fan of the series, but I'd need more info to give you any real recommendation.

Thanks you for the question. Get me some additional info and we can work on the problem.

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