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How Is My Ball Drilled

Name: Jacob                                                                           November 2008

Subject: Ball layouts

Question: I was wondering if there was a website that would tell me how my ball is drilled, and what all of those drilling terms mean (Pin Up, MB in strong, Pin above bridge, MB on VAL, etc.).  I wanted to know so I could review my balls on different websites.

Answer: Jacob,
No website to accomplish exactly what you need. But some manufacturer's sites provide a fair amount of information. Check out the Storm Bowling website for their Glossary of terms at: ( or Ebonite International for theirs:

How about talking to the person that drilled your bowling balls?

I wish I had a better feel about some of the Internet chat rooms, but the misinformation in the reviews and forums is scary. Obviously, there are credible people on occasionally, the manufacturers have some staff assigned to post and moderate any information about their brands, but generally, I've found way to little credible info shared actively by bowlers craving knowledge.

Better to seek out individual manufacturer sites some have FAQ sections, some just provide a wealth of information about players, products and the company culture. Or (the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) website.

I commend you for finding AllExperts, it is a pleasure helping bowlers that crave the info you do. (Unfortunately is no longer an active site.) Which is why I'm transferring some of my Questions to my blog. But consider asking the person drilling your equipment, they are invested in you doing well (or should be, you pay him/her). 

Some guys aren't very talkative, or are secretive about their expertise (or lack of it). But you want to improve, don't be afraid to ask for and maybe even pay for their time. FREE Info is often worth what you pay for it. (Unfortunately, on here anyway, that includes me!)

Because of the Avalanche of misinformation available on the Net, some info provides a Grand Illusion, I have chosen to write for AllExperts, my store website (, my blog (The Bowling Tree). Also I contributed to Pro Shop Operator magazine (a trade publication) and occasionally in Bowlers Journal International magazine (when they ask). Misinformed bowlers become frustrated bowlers and when their desire to improve is Bashed, they quit the sport.

Our industry is made up of people that love and want the sport to prosper, and others that treat it like the oceans (keep dumping crap into it). But, tens of millions have given up the game in the last two decades, and hopefully the people coming into the sport can find resources for accurate information, effective instruction and educated ball drilling and equipment preparation.

That creak was me stepping down off my soap box. Sorry for the rave. Good luck, bowl well, and thanks for the questions.

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