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New Bowling Ball Hurts My Hand

Questioner: DaRenda                           Oct 21, 2016                                             

Subject: New bowling ball hurts my hand and would pull me across foul line. 

I bought a new bowling ball Saturday and it hurts my fingers, my longest finger has arthritis & a large 1st joint. That spot hurts so bad and has blisters. My thumb rubs on the outside, top part of my nail and rubs the polish off. My first finger which doesn't even go into the ball hurts at the upper outer part of my nail to the point I can't use it. In addition, it won't release and will pull me across the foul line. I feel better and Safer using the house balls!! When I bought it the man that drilled it said it was a "perfect fit". It hurts to use it. I feel like I wasted my money if I'm using house balls instead of the new one I bought. 

Answer: DaRenda, 
Take it back. Tell the guy what's going on. Try getting him to watch you roll it to him on the carpet outside the store. If you've not had experience with a proper fit, you will struggle mightily because you have been using a really bad fit in a House Ball. House balls are drilled to fit EVERYONE. Yours is drilled only for you. Adjustments can be made.  

House balls demand that you grip them like CRAZY!!! A proper fit means much less grip pressure, eventually to NO GRIP Pressure. But you've taught your muscles to GRIP, GRIP, GRIP using a house ball. You are used to a ball THAT'S WAY TOO LIGHT FOR YOU (most likely). Have the guy walk you through the issues you mentioned and see what adjustments can be made. What weight is the ball? How long have you bowled? Do you want to be better or just tired of tracking down a house ball to use? 

Thanks for writing. Let me know what gets done? Thanks, give it a chance, bowl well. 

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