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Knock More Pins Down

Name: Bill

Subject: Knocking More Pins Down

Question: I'm 77 years bowling...recently I developed arthritis in my knuckles near the end of my fingers..I went down to an 11 lb ball..that helped...I tried a plain urethane ball..wouldn't carry well..the lanes around here are pretty dry...if I have to move too far left..rolls out at the end..I tried a Brunswick Groove carry..someone suggested go to a slightly shorter finger tip grip..and try a better quality ball for dry a Brunswick Avalanche pearl..a AMF Angle pearl..or one of the Brunswick Groove or Columbia Scout reactives..can you give me any help? Really appreciate it, thanks. Bill

Answer: Bill,

A urethane ball will get you some hit, problem is the ball weight. When you get as light as you've gotten, the ball weight doesn't help much.

Consider a conventional grip instead of finger tip (you might be able to handle more weight). With dry lanes you obviously don't need as much rotation, besides, early rotation is what causes balls to hook early and hit weak.

Length of the grip helps you control the ball, shortening the grip demands more grip pressure and will put more strain on your hand (bad idea). Also, causes slower ball speed from what you are saying. 

The grip change (to conventional) will help alleviate the finger tip arthritis discomfort. You will get less rotation but be able to play straighter but with more angle at the pocket.

When you get light (under 14lbs), you get very little help from the core. The core for a lighter ball often is very different from the heavier weight blocks. Under 12lbs, often is only a pancake weight-block (same as in a basic plastic ball). So "stronger" balls aren't stronger inside in lighter weights.

Thanks for the questions. Good luck.

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